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M A R I G O L D will serve as your dedicated, experienced and dynamic new construction sales and marketing team.

We’re committed to providing you with exceptional service, our single focus is on your best interests and project goals, which in turn enables you to maximize your return on investment and sales. The result is your ultimate success.

Our philosophy is based on building a collaborative relationship with our builder and developer clients.   We become experts in your design and product, and position your project as the most desirable community in which to live. Our unique understanding of what motivates a buyer translates into effective marketing strategies around what that is and thereby helps you deliver what a buyer is looking for.

Real Estate Builder & Developer Solutions: Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Sales

We ensure maximum exposure by implementing a wide array of strategies including turn-key technology solutions,digital strategies, high performing web pages, dynamic advertising, attractive deliverables, and print media. We work with you and a collaborative design team to build your image, tell your story and create branding and logo solutions for both you and your projects. We create a compelling story about your project and its unique lifestyle, features & amenities that generate engagement, drive interest to your project and result in sales, always with laser focus on your success.

Real Estate Builder & Developer Solutions: Design & Staging

Design & Staging

We strive to stay ahead of trends and those features buyers want in residential new construction. We provide you with on the ground oversight and strategic guidance, while telling you what to include and what's on the way out and what features you should focus on that add immediate value and make a home more desirable to buyers.With more options for where and with whom to build, buyers are looking for thoughtful design and quality built homes; we bring these shoppers to our site and into your model home.

Real Estate Builder & Developer Solutions: Land development opportunities


We search for and sift through potential development opportunities, both on and off market and bring landowners and developers together to maximize the potential of a subdivision opportunity. Experienced in land development and planning, we understand the many nuances of the lengthy development process and research answers to the questions that collectively define the economic feasibility of a project. We help you determine the value and best use for the land, based on density, anticipated sale price per unit, projected infrastructure costs and your square foot build cost. We understand the stakes and partner with you to ensure your success.

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