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What is Shiplap anyway?

Original post found at Stonewood Products You would not be alone if you’re currently thinking, “What the heck is Shipblack? Shipwhat? Shiplap?” While many of us haven’t used the term shiplap, we are likely familiar with the subtle, quiet beauty it lends to every space it’s a part of. Traditionally used for more rustic applications…

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Pre-qualified is not the same as pre-approved

Serious about buying a house, you need to be pre-approved Mortgage pre-qualification and mortgage pre-approval may sound alike, but they’re completely different. Pre-qualification entails a basic overview of a borrower’s ability to get a loan. You provide a mortgage lender with information—about your income, assets, debts, and credit—but you don’t need to produce any paperwork…

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Mortgage Process 101

Learn more about the mortgage process As you prepare to qualify for a mortgage, it helps to know what to expect in the mortgage process. Understanding what documentation you’ll need, timing involved, potential fees, and how to find the right lender can make or break your experience. In this video we help guide you on…

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