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Home Improvement Project With The Best ROI in 2019

Home Improvements With The Best ROI in 2019

When trying to sell your home fast, consider these top 7 home improvements that can both: Increase the value of your home and also help sell your home faster than those that don’t make these improvements. Here are some additional considerations from Renovations can make us happier in the places we call home, but…

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What is Shiplap Wood, Anyway?

What is Shiplap anyway?

Original post found at Stonewood Products You would not be alone if you’re currently thinking, “What the heck is Shipblack? Shipwhat? Shiplap?” While many of us haven’t used the term shiplap, we are likely familiar with the subtle, quiet beauty it lends to every space it’s a part of. Traditionally used for more rustic applications…

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Presentation: Home Staging Pays Off

Home Staging Statistics

Home Staging is: THE important partnership with realtors, investors, builders and home sellers. The art and science of perfecting each given property to cause positive emotional response in the potential buyers’ minds. – Sue Kauffman & Company, LLC

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