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Our approach to selling your home is effective, simple and proven. We focus on positioning your home favorably against the competition. With the right exposure, a competitive price, and a look that wows potential buyers, your home is on its way to being sold in the shortest amount of time for the highest possible price.


Sell Your Home with MARIGOLD Realty Homes: We'll make your property SHINE. Presentation & Curb Appeal


It’s all about the presentation and this is where MARIGOLD shines. From professional photography to polished marketing material, our goal is making your property stand out from the rest to stay front and center in minds of potential Buyers.

Sell your home with MARIGOLD Realty Homes: We'll deploy a full suite of igital marketing solutions

Digital Marketing

Our promise to you is that your home will have a strong digital presence across all platforms and will be found on all the top real estate websites that today’s Buyers are searching.

Sell Your Home with MARIGOLD Realty Homes, we take it personal so we share a compelling story for buyers to take notice

Compelling Story

MARIGOLD prides itself on creating the most compelling story of your home, conveying its unique lifestyle and grabbing the attention of Buyers and agents alike.


It’s all about making your home standout.


We’ll walk through your home with a professional stager, work with them and you, to stage your home so it showcases with a WOW impact. Our goal is to make your house the most sought after by the widest pool of potential Buyers.

Repairs & Improvements

If you choose, need or simply want to know, we will help you identify and prioritize home repairs and improvements that provide the best return on your investment that will earn the most attention from potential buyers.


Pricing that helps you achieve maximum value

Sell Your Home with MARIGOLD Realty Homes: We analyze & research to ensure best & most accurate price

The Market

We understand the market and are constantly monitoring, gathering and analyzing data to ensure best and most accurate possible pricing.

Sell Your Home with MARIGOLD Realty Homes: We employ multilayered factors in researching comparables.

Your Home

We analyze all that your home offers, including amenities, location, lifestyle, condition and market potential, then compare it against comparable properties using multilayered factors.

Sell Your Home with MARIGOLD Realty Homes: Were TEAM matters

Our Crew

MARIGOLD delivers you with a committed and collaborative team who develops a pricing strategy designed to compete in the market and ensure you achieve the highest potential value for your home.


Successfully negotiating a real estate contract is more art than science and having an agent skilled in bringing buyers and sellers together will impact your final sales price. Our listing specialists are expert negotiators who can help you get to the highest price and with the best terms.  We focus on your topmost priorities and keep emotions in check rather than approaching negotiations from an adversarial position.


When using a quick computer generated algorithm to determine the value of your home, there is always going to be a margin of error and unfortunately those margins can be significant. The only way to really evaluate the worth of your home is by studying an array of factors, including sold homes, neighborhood, the market, trends, assessed value, your home’s stats, and condition among others.
Determining a home’s value is a multilayered problem, one in which M A R I G O L D is expert in solving.
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